Programme Structure

Management Process & Organisational Behaviour+
An introduction to the management process, planning, decision making and organisational behaviour.
An introduction to basic principles of communication, types and channels of communication and the nature of business communication.
An introduction to statistics, statistical survey and classification, tabulation, and presentation of data.
An introduction to financial accounting, accounting principles, financial reporting and budgetary control.
Understanding the meaning and importance of managerial economics, supply and market equilibrium, and business cycles.
Human Resource Management+
An introduction to human resource management, HRM in India, recruitment, employee compensation and welfare.
Understanding production, operations management strategy and process, quality management and supply chain management.
Understanding financial management and planning, capital structure, capital budgeting and working capital management.
An introduction to marketing management, the marketing process, marketing environment and marketing information systems.
An introduction to managing information systems in organisations, organisations and computing, SCM, CRM, and international systems.
An introduction to operations research, duality analysis, inventory models, Markov analysis, game theory and simulation.
Project Management+
An introduction to the basics of project management, PERT and CPM, project risk management, project performance measurement and evaluation.
An introduction to research problem and formulation of research hypotheses, research design and research report writing.
An introduction to business law, law of contracts, law of sale of goods, banking and insurance laws and intellectual property laws.
Security Analysis & Portfolio Management

Understanding financial investments – a conceptual framework, risk and return, behavioural finance and international portfolio investments.

Mergers & Acquisitions

The course covers mergers and acquisitions, strategic evaluation of M&A opportunities, corporate restructuring, and legal and regulatory framework of M&As.

Taxation Management

Advance study of tax management, tax planning, tax regulatory environment and structure.

Internal Audit & Control

Detailed study of financial audits, types of audits, internal audits, auditing practices in relation to the accounting system and related internal controls.
Sales Distribution & Supply Chain Management

An overview of sales management, understanding personal selling, sales force management, and channel management.

onsumer Behaviour

An introduction to consumer behaviour, consumer research, situational influence on consumer decisions and the decision models.

Retail Marketing

An introduction to retailing, retail market segmentation, store location and layout, merchandise management and retail pricing.

Marketing Research

Understanding marketing research dynamics, data collection sources and methods, measurement and scaling techniques.
Manpower Planning & Resourcing

Understanding manpower planning and resourcing, manpower forecasting, manpower sourcing and recruitment.

Management & Organisational Development

An introduction to organisational development, change process and models, organisational learning, and designing interventions.

Employee Relations Management

An introduction to employee relations management, organisational aspects in employee relations management, industrial relations, and trade unions.

HR Audit

A conceptual understanding of human resource audits, human resource development audits, HR audits for legal compliance and safe business practices.
Strategic Management & Business Policy+
Understanding business policy, strategic management and business continuity planning, corporate strategy and corporate governance, along with strategies for managing change.
An introduction to international business, international trade theories and their application, and international business ethics.
International Financial Management

Understanding the international financial environment, balance of payments, and nature and measurement of foreign exchange exposure.

Treasury Management

An introduction to corporate treasury management, financial markets - capital market, liquidity planning and managing cash assets.

Merchant Banking & Financial Services An introduction to merchant banking and financial services, raising capital from international markets, and the depository system in India.

Insurance & Risk Management

An introduction to risk and insurance management, regulations relating to insurance accounting and management, insurance pricing and marketing
Services Marketing & Customer Relationship Management

An overview of services marketing, service segmentation, targeting and positioning, and conflicts and strategies in services marketing.

Advertising Management & Sales Promotion

Overview of advertising management, understanding persuasive advertising message, advertising copy and design strategy, and media planning.


The courses explains the importance of e-marketing and illustrates the use of search engine marketing, online advertising, and online marketing strategies. Learn how to formulate an integrated and comprehensive e-marketing plan, and leverage digital marketing to boost customer acquisition, conversion, and retention.

International Marketing

An introduction to international marketing, international marketing environment, pricing for international markets, international distribution and logistics.
Compensation & Benefits

An introduction to compensation management, job evaluation, grading and compensation structure, wages and salary administration at a macro (National) level.

Performance Management & Appraisal

An introduction to performance management, process of performance management, and performance appraisal methods.

Talent Management & Employee Retention

An introduction to talent management and employee retention, talent management systems, the role of HR in talent management.

Change Management

Understanding organisational change management, process of change management, maintaining organisational effectiveness and evaluating organisational change.
Leadership skills are crucial for any management role. Learn about the various leadership styles and attributes, and understand why leadership skills are so critical to organizational success.
Project work starts with a project synopsis in the third semester and culminates with the project report in the fifth semester. Students can choose a project of six months’ duration, either at their place of work or any other location, in the chosen area of specialisation to complete the programme.